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The Student Experience

What will help students thrive in post-secondary and beyond? What do employers look for in prospective hires? The answers aren’t what they used to be.

At KCS, we’re combining our own experience with global best practices to launch a Senior School that will do better for students. By design, every student from Grade 9 will:


By building on student strengths, passions, and curiosity, KCS’s student-driven learning environment will help create a tailored educational path that will inspire, challenge and nurture their academic journey.


Exposure and participation in a unique blend of personal inquiry, school leadership, community events, and external partnerships, with experts such as Future Design School and Y2 Entrepreneurship Labs, will help students see their future in a more well-rounded way than they ever have before.


Of priority to KCS is to help students see what the world has to offer, working with external experts across a wide variety of sectors, to not only learn more about their community, but find their role in making it better for the future.