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Student Leadership in Learning

Capable, self-driven, principled, and difference-making. These are the students of KCS.

For 35 years, KCS has been developing students who stand out for their knowledge, skills and character.

Our Four Doors to Learning program ensures they are strong in academics, arts, athletics, and citizenship. Our commitment to wellbeing helps them thrive. Open-ended student leadership, place-based learning, student-driven inquiry, engagement with external experts, and entrepreneurship offer a rich journey of discovery, about the world and themselves, that distinctly prepares them for wherever life takes them.

See what leadership in learning looks like. See what’s possible when students realize their potential.

Expanding What's Possible

To learn more about student leadership in learning and the research behind our program, we invite you to read our white paper:

Expanding What’s Possible: Kingsway College School


of KCS students regularly exercise voice and choice in courses and co-curriculars to grow as leaders in learning.


of KCS Senior School students have dedicated time and support each week in the KCS Path Program so they can lead their learning on a topic of their choosing.


of KCS Senior School students engage in a design thinking process each week through participation in KCS By Design. 


of Senior School students are introduced to entrepreneurship in Grade 10 as part of their role in shaping student-led enterprises such as the student-led café.


of KCS students engage in service learning, applying curriculum in ways that make an authentic difference in the community.


of KCS students are introduced to Student entrepreneurship in our club offerings as well as certain subjects starting in Grade 5. 


of KCS Senior School students develop Leadership in Learning skills - Integrity, Ingenuity and Insight - preparing them for their future success. 


of KCS Senior School students can connect their Path topic to course assignments to further enrich their learning and leverage personal strengths and knowledge.

From our Senior School Students

I created a point-of-sale system for our student-led café to track orders, manage revenue, and work with the Business Office. This relates to my Path topics of technology and entrepreneurship.

I’m writing a coming-of-age novel set in pre- and post-WWII Germany as part of my Path topics of literature and psychology.

I designed and taught Python coding to the Grade 6 math classes as part of my Path topic on video game design.

I created a multi-media artwork to portray emotions and their origin in the brain as part of my Path topic on emotive science.

I organized a day-long field placement in the office of a dermatologist to learn more about my Path topic.

I organized a virtual field trip for my Grade 10 English class so we could attend the FOLD Literary Festival for diverse authors and storytellers.

I launched a ping pong club and tennis club as part of my Path project on tennis.

I developed and taught a lesson on American government to a Grade 10 Civics class, even though I was in Grade 9, as part of my Path topic on politics.