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Harvard Young Leadership Program Summer 2023

We are excited to announce the first-ever in-person Harvard Young Leadership Program by the Harvard Model Congress San Francisco hosted by KCS the week of July 10 for any interested students from Grades 5 (going into 6 next year) to 12.

The program will be led by an organization called Learn with Leaders, in partnership with the Harvard Model Congress San Francisco.

These programs have been offered around the world and KCS will be the first location in Toronto. 

We have limited spots available for this amazing opportunity for students from Grade 6-12.
The Harvard Young Leadership Program hosted by Kingsway College School

This 5-day program will bring together exceptional mentors from Harvard University and aspiring like-minded students at a single venue.

Program Details


Program Dates : 10,11,12,13 & 14 July 2023

Program Duration: 5 days

Mode: In-person at Kingsway College School 


Kingsway College School
Senior School Campus
2183 Lake Shore Blvd. West, Toronto

Eligibility Grades : 

Group 1 - 6th to 7th
( Students in their final term of Grade 5 can apply)

Group 2 - 8th to 12th 
( Students in their final term of Grade 7 can apply)

Program Fee : USD 800

You can use the following link to apply for the program:


Flyer with description of Harvard Young Leadership Program at KCS

Spread over 5 action-packed days, the mission of the 2023 Harvard Young Leadership Program is to indulge high-school students with strong leadership potential in immersive learning engagements, discussions, and mentorship. The program will focus on leadership, problem solving, communication, public speaking, and critical thinking while working with students toward a final ‘Actionable Project’ under the guidance of mentors from Harvard University. These skills are essential for tomorrow’s changemakers and future leaders.

Students will work in small groups throughout the program on an impactful ‘Actionable Project’ that is designed to tackle real-world problems, stimulate ideas for future collaborative projects, and mould young learners into future leaders. Participants will immerse themselves in a Harvard-style classroom experience inspired from some of the most engaging subjects taken by the Harvard mentors themselves and participate in leadership and collaborative work activities during the course of the program.

What will students gain?

  • Learn a systematic, comprehensive approach to solving real-world problems from trained and dedicated Harvard mentors.
  • Hone your thought process to become more analytical and creative.
  • Forge life-long, value-rich networks with Ivy League mentors, global thought pioneers, and peers from around the world who share your passion for answers.
  • Use data to quantify and validate your proposed solutions.
  • Practice your communication skills to convey your recommendations effectively.
  • Brainstorm practical methods to implement your solutions.
  • Enhance your portfolio with certificates from Harvard Model Congress San Francisco and Learn with Leaders, and through actionable projects.

This exclusive program will provide students a practical learning environment, enabling them to closely interact with peers, mentors, and leaders, and participate actively in live discussions and debates. 



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