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Learning Partners

Be A Leader By Inspiring Leaders.

The KCS Learning Community Program features you—leaders from a spectrum of disciplines, who help our students realize opportunities on the road ahead by engaging with authentic, real-world challenges. You and KCS will blaze new trails toward knowledge and experience, helping inspire the young leaders the world needs.

I've really enjoyed working with the students as they take their ideas from problem statement to persona to prototype. The level of research, passion and creativity that they've shown throughout the journey has been very exciting and inspiring! Lucas Chang, Co-Founder of Y2 Entrepreneurship Labs

Help Us Create the Contributors All Sectors Need.

KCS Learning Partners include a diverse array of community leaders —artists to engineers to CEOs, and everything in between. Some are hobbyists. Still others are interested in taking an active role in helping young learners and leaders contribute to the world around them.




KCS has been an incredible partner. The relationship has cultivated a space to support the development of highly empathetic young people with an enduring sense of purpose and belonging. Cora-Lee Conway, Program Director, Canada of High Resolves

How You Can Help

The KCS Learning Community Program connects our students to external leaders, like you. No matter the degree of your involvement, our students can benefit in so many ways.

You may:

  • respond to student-led inquiries.
  • speak at the school, or run workshops focused on your field.
  • host off-site field trips.
  • provide learning materials in your area of expertise.
  • be a valued mentor for one or several of our students.
  • provide co-op and internship opportunities.
  • be involved in external student-level competitions in your industry.
  • engage students with authentic, real-world challenges.
Being A KCS Learning Partner Helps You

Our students are not the only beneficiaries of your time and experience. The benefits of being a KCS Learning Partner are many and varied:

  • promoting the development of future leaders.
  • immersion in a talented ecosystem of diverse partners.
  • uniquely prepared and talented students for co-op placements.
  • field placements by our motivated students demonstrate your community leadership.
  • research into how education improves through immersive, experiential learning.
  • promotion of your organization’s commitment to inspiring the next generation on our social media channels and to our network.

KCS’s vision is what we love to see in education. Both KCS and ProjectBoard place tremendous value on students' ability to connect, share, engage and communicate their passions and unique learning styles. This makes our partnership a very authentic one. Renata Vaccaro, Co-Founder ProjectBoard, CTO

Join a Community of Changemakers

There’s never been a greater need or time to engage with KCS and our new Senior School. When you volunteer your time and resources to our eager students, you join many organizations and industry leaders already mentoring, supporting, and taking other active steps to empower and inspire generations to come.

Our Learning Partners


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Become a KCS Learning Partner

Whether from our KCS community, or meeting us for the first time, help us produce future leaders.

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