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KCS Path Program

Path: Where Students Exercise Leadership in their Learning.

The KCS Path Program is designed to develop students as intrinsically motivated, creative, and impactful learners and leaders.

Beginning in Grade 9 and extending through to Grade 12, students will be given time and support to pursue learning in areas of interest. Grade 12 engagement with the KCS Path Program will include guidance in pursuing post-secondary options.

Features of the program include:

  1. Learning about their chosen topic from an academic, artistic, athletic, and citizenship perspective, documented in a dedicated e-portfolio
  2. Learning related to their chosen topic through offsite experiences, local or global
  3. Inviting students to weave their topic into course assignments and projects
  4. Learning about and engaging in entrepreneurship and creative problem-solving in order to make a difference
  5. Engaging with a dedicated Mentor who has expertise in the student’s area of interest
  6. Learning to conduct annual presentations in front of faculty, peers, and Mentors
  7.  A creative project in grade 11 that has value beyond the classroom, for example a public exhibit, a business venture, or a publication
  8. An extended essay describing their three-year experience in the KCS Path Program

KCS Path Program

Most significantly, we will invite students to help shape the KCS Senior School experience. There will be room for student-initiated clubs, teams, and events. Their ideas will help our school evolve. We will all roll up our sleeves to make this the school we want it to be. Our model is a framework on which remarkable learning and growth for all, students and teachers, will take root. Andrea Fanjoy, Head of Senior School