Primary Division: Grades 1-3

Grade 3

Managing school. Managing life.

By the time they get to Grade 3, those “little kids” are starting to turn into not-so-little-anymore children. So this year is all about helping them manage their increasingly mature life.

Academically, this means producing more complex work and learning organizational skills. They start using student planners to track their work responsibilities. They learn keyboarding and cursive writing to help them create longer pieces of work. And they start using laptops as a tool to enhance their learning.

Socially, this can be a challenging year for kids. Their personalities are evolving and they're beginning to find their own unique voice. Peer groups and friends become very important, which means conflicts can emerge. To help them navigate a more complex social world, we teach them a range of strategies and tools to help with self-regulation and problem-solving in the classroom and the playground.

Growing up can be tricky. But with gentle support and thoughtful mentoring, we can make it a lot easier. 

Homeform Teachers

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  • Photo of Justine Grosman

    Justine Grosman 

    Grade 3 Homeform Teacher
  • Photo of Kerrie Robins

    Kerrie Robins 

    Grade 3 Homeform Teacher
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