Primary Division: Grades 1-3

Grade 2

Collaboration and curiosity.

In Grade 2, kids are driven by their enthusiasm and curiosity. They are like eager little sponges, excited to explore the world and learn something new. This is the perfect time to show them that when you work together, you end up learning way more than you ever could on your own.

That’s why we spend a lot of time in Grade 2 developing our students’ collaboration and group work skills. We teach them that working together is not about just dividing up jobs – it’s about discussing theories, listening respectfully, and building on each other’s ideas. To help them refine these skills, we give them lots of opportunities to work together on research projects and presentations.

The world is a collaborative place, so we need to make sure our students are ready to join in and get involved. In Grade 2, we help our individual learners evolve into a community of learners. 

Homeform Teachers

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    Amy Cardinal 

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    Lisa Woon 

    Grade 2 Homeform Teacher
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