Primary Division: Grades 1-3

Grade 1

Independence and responsibility.

Obviously, Grade 1 is an important time for academics. Throughout the year, students discover, solidify, and master a huge range of key academic skills. But it’s also an essential time for personal and social growth.

We encourage our Grade 1 students to become more independent and self-sufficient. This means everything from looking after their own belongings to getting dropped off in the lobby to solving conflicts with friends. Of course, we don’t expect them to do all this themselves, which is why their teachers are right there to give guidance and encouragement.

This focus on independence and responsibility helps make our students more confident in their own abilities, which in turn helps them to take control of their own life and learning.

Because in Grade 1, it’s not just about reading, writing, and arithmetic. It’s also about growing up. 

Homeform Teachers

List of 2 members.

  • Trish Borg 

    Grade 1B Teacher
  • Ali Murphy 

    Grade 1M Teacher & Grade 1 Art
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