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Senior Kindergarten

Building foundational skills and habits.

Senior Kindergarten is a year of huge academic, social, and personal growth. The progress kids make in this year is simply incredible!

Academically, this is the year when things start to “click”. They arrive in September knowing how to be a student, so they’re ready to jump in and show the world just how much they can do all by themselves. They throw themselves into their learning with passion and pride, and it’s our job to help them focus and guide that infectious enthusiasm.

From student-centred passion projects to small-group reading groups, students are further challenged to apply their learning throughout their day.

SK is also the year when kids start embracing their growing maturity and independence.

They begin taking ownership over their learning and their life. They want to carry their own backpack, unpack their own snack, and figure out how to spell that tricky new word all by themselves!

Through it all, we support their growth by challenging them, encouraging them, and giving lots and lots of advice. So when June rolls around, we know that they’re ready and willing to take on the big world of Grade 1!

students filling out worksheets
SK class with a guest speaking about caterpillars
KCS SK students using lego