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Intermediate Division Grades 7-8

Senior School is just around the corner. We will make sure you are ready. 

During Grade 7 and 8 at KCS, you’ll work closely with innovative and supportive teachers who will help you strengthen and solidify your academics in every subject.

To build your leadership skills, you’ll help run and organize school events all year long. You’ll also get to take advantage of our huge variety of extracurricular activities, covering everything from sports teams to musicals to community service. You can even learn to cook, build robots or play drums in a rock band, thanks to our extensive list of electives. And we hit the road for epic trips to Quebec, Chicago and the historic battlefields of Europe.

Of course, getting ready for Senior School is about more than just classes. It’s about being independent and making your own choices. And when you know what matters in life, you end up making choices that take you to amazing places.