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Habits of Mind, Body, and Action

Poster with the KCS Habits of Mind, Body and Action

KCS is a community of lifelong learners, devoted to establishing the habits of lifelong learning in our students. Students learn to identify and exercise the Habits from the youngest ages, helping them better articulate and understand how to approach and respond to new learning and experiences.

These Habits are built from one moment to the next. They are built when greeting a friend in the hall with respect. They are built when taking a responsible risk and trying a new club or team. They are built slowly, carefully, and continuously.  

Habits of Mind™ is a trademarked concept that articulates much of the Junior School curricular focus at KCS. These habits are designed to foster and develop 15 different intelligent behaviours that have been identified as top priorities among leading educators around the world. KCS went further and added Habits of Body and Habits of Action. These habits help our students develop healthy lifestyles, positive self-esteem, and strong social skills.

Building on the Habits, all of our Senior School students will grow as Leaders in Learning, with integrity, insight, and ingenuity. These traits are woven into the Senior School courses and co-curricular, by design.