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Electives Grade 6-8

Passion-Driven Learning at KCS
At KCS, we want our students to be lifelong learners. That means we have to help them discover the joy of learning for the love of it.

Electives are an amazing way to help them make that discovery.  Every spring we offer our Grade 6, 7 and 8 students a range of elective courses to choose from. For ten weeks, our Intermediate students spend two hours each week immersed in a subject that sparks their curiosity and engages their passion for learning something new.

Previous offerings have included such diverse subjects as Computer Coding, Cooking for a Cause, Hip Hop Dance, Cricket, building Wearable Technology with MakerKids, Inventors' Workshop, Robotics, Battlefield History with a March Break trip to Europe to visit historic sites, Pottery and Sculpture, building the KCS Sound Library, and Yoga and Mindfulness.

Through these electives, students have the opportunity to work closely with peers from other classes, learn new skills, gain independence, and best of all, experience a safe adventure that sets them on a course for lifelong learning.

Stay tuned for information our Spring 2023 electives!