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Electives Grade 6-8

KCS Junior School student holding up his robotics project
KSC Junior  School students working out in Crossfit elective class
KCS Junior School students in cooking class for electives.
KCS Junior School students in Pilates class at the Senior School
KCS Junior School student in an elective class holding up here project of cloth.
KCS Junior School student visiting MOCA for electives
KCS Junior School student working on his robotics project

Passion-Driven Learning at KCS
At KCS, we want our students to be lifelong learners. That means we have to help them discover the joy of learning for the love of it.

Electives are an amazing way to help them make that discovery.  Every spring we offer our Grade 6, 7 and 8 students a range of elective courses to choose from. For ten weeks, our Intermediate students spend two hours each week immersed in a subject that sparks their curiosity and engages their passion for learning something new.

The following are the 2023 KCS Electives and descriptions that were offered to the Grade 6-8 students.

1. Pilates
2. Cross-Fit
3. Robotics
4. Art and Textiles
5. Dance N Culture
6. Ideate and Create
7. Bettering Your Lettering
8. Cook Smart


Students will be challenged to further their flexibility and strength.Held at the Senior School, students will participate in a mat Pilates workout and learn how to develop core strength and
mindful movement, resulting in a more healthful mind-body connection.
Habits: Be Active; Persist


Students will meet the challenges of the First Lego League and share their learning with others. Working individually and collaboratively, students will learn to code and build robots based on the First Lego League robotics challenges.
Habits: Strive for accuracy; Seek collaboration; Question and be curious


Students will establish and share a circuit plan that could be easily used at the KCS Junior School during Be Active or PE classes.Held off-campus at a local gym in the Junction, students will push their fitness limits working together with a trainer and learn about the benefits of circuit training for strength, endurance, balance, andagility.
Habits: Be active; Persist; Take responsible risks; Be resilient

Art and Textiles

Hearts and Hands: How Art and Textiles Affect Us
With sessions at the Junior School and MOCA, students will design and create a wall hanging and reflect on how art and textiles affect our daily lives.Students will learn about textiles and work on a sewing project. Three sessions will be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto (MOCA) where students will learn, think, and talk about contemporary artworks on show.
Habits: Create; Share what you know; Think flexibly; Embrace learning

Dance ‘N’ Culture

Students will learn Bollywood and Afrobeat dance styles. They will even get to experience the process of blocking with formations and staging to perform dynamic pieces in both styles created just for them.Held at the Senior School, students will get the special experience of working with a world-class artist who will introduce the traditional elements of Bollywood and
Afrobeat dance, including history, postures, hand gestures, facial expressions, and music.
Habits: Be active; Create; Persist

Ideate and Create

Students will be supported in developing an idea, experiment with iteration, and create a pitch to share the importance of their idea with others.Is there something you’d love to build, create, invent, compose, investigate, or develop? Would you like to be an entrepreneur and learn to set up your own business? Students will take an idea, bring it to life, and share it with others.
Habits: Embrace learning, Take responsible risks, Share what you know

Bettering Your Lettering

Students will learn about calligraphy and lettering, the role they play in public art, and how to apply this technique to real-life art projects.Let’s learn to play with lettering! Learn to create different fonts to express your creativity. Make cards, posters, buttons, street art, and more using a variety of tools such as markers, pencils, watercolours, and chalk.
Habits: Think creatively, Persist, Strive for Accuracy

Cook Smart

Calling all home cooks and aspiring chefs! Students will learn about healthy meals and participate in food preparation and donation for a local charity.
Habits: Embrace learning, Make the world Better
Led by a certified COOKSMART instructor, students will prepare nutritious meals and snacks for themselves and St. Stephen’s Community House, a social service agency that serves the needs of various Toronto neighbourhoods. Students will learn techniques and preparations for a variety of dishes, taste their creations, and package them for sharing and delivery.

Through these electives, students have the opportunity to work closely with peers from other classes, learn new skills, gain independence, and best of all, experience a safe adventure that sets them on a course for lifelong learning.

Stay tuned for information about our Spring 2024 electives!