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Differentiated Learning

Unique learners deserve unique teaching.
At KCS, we base everything we do in the knowledge that all children are unique individuals.

They all learn in different ways and have diverse abilities. However, they’re the same in one important way – they all deserve an education that allows them to grow into their best possible selves.

It starts with getting to know every child in a real and meaningful way. We learn who they are as a person – their strengths, their fears, their hopes, and their areas for growth.  

Our supportive team of teachers then work together in a collaborative manner to develop and deliver a program that meets the unique needs of our individual students. We provide them with a range of different learning activities and experiences that speak to different levels and different academic backgrounds.

Education isn’t one size fits all. We make sure each child gets the education they deserve.

KCS Junior school students reading buddies
KCS Junior School boy with teacher painting in art class


Optimal teaching should be deeply rooted in each student. Faculty work together with a “whatever it takes” mindset to determine whose needs aren’t being fully met, and then figure out what must be done to meet those needs. It applies as much for gifted and average students as it does for students who need extra support.

- Andrea Fanjoy, Head of Senior School