Junior Division: Grades 4-6

Grade 6

Spreading their wings and flying solo.

Grade 6 is the year when our students leave the nest and start flying on their own. By this point, we’ve given them all the tools they need to be successful and self-motivated learners. So this is the time to let them test their skills and get ready for the big world of high school, which is already looming on the horizon.

That’s why there are an awful lot of “firsts” in Grade 6. First year of walking themselves to classes. First year of electives. First year of exams. First school dance. First year when they really and truly stand on their own two feet.

As they navigate this world of increased freedom and choice, we’re there to help them make smart decisions. We develop their independence by providing them with online tools to manage their homework and assignments. We develop their sense of self through leadership and service learning opportunities. We develop their study habits by providing academic coaching to parents and kids. And – most importantly – we help them develop healthy social relationships with their family, their friends, and themselves.  

Our job as parents and teachers is to help our kids learn how to look after themselves. This is the year when they make that leap. 

Homeform Teachers

List of 2 members.

  • Lauren Phillips 

    Grade 6 Homeform Teacher
  • Photo of Kirsten Tenebaum

    Kirsten Tenebaum 

    Grade 6 Homeform Teacher, Junior Lead Teacher
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