Junior Division: Grades 4-6

Grade 5

Stepping into the driver's seat.

Grade 5 is the year when we challenge our students to step up and take full responsibility for themselves. We encourage them to take charge of their learning and their life. We know that they are ready and capable, so all they need is a little support and guidance.

Of course, taking ownership of your studies and staying organized can be challenging for many students, so mistakes happen. But that’s why this is also the year when our kids learn that it’s okay to take a risk and fail. Because that’s when you pick yourself up, learn from the experience, and grow as a person.

Our teachers know that this is huge year of personal growth, and they are there to coach your child through it. They are passionate about helping their students reach new heights of responsibility, discover their academic potential, and learn to advocate for themselves.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have fun too! Our Grade 5 classrooms are full of laughter, enthusiasm, and joy. After all, just because you’re growing up doesn’t mean you can’t still be a kid. 

Homeform Teachers

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  • Photo of Jenn MacDonald

    Jenn MacDonald 

    Grade 5 Homeform Teacher
  • Photo of Rob Sawyer

    Rob Sawyer 

    Intermediate Math & Grade 7 Homeform Teacher
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