Junior Division: Grades 4-6

Grade 4

A transition year filled with new experiences.

The early years and primary grades are all about building a solid foundation across the curriculum. In Grade 4, students solidify that foundation and then start using it to explore more advanced work. They go from writing simple sentences to crafting complex paragraphs with supporting evidence. They go from simply accepting what they have read as fact to asking critical questions about the world around them. And they go from a kid to a more mature and independent young person.

This transition is reflected in all aspects of the school day. Grade 4 students get their own laptop and learn to make integration of technology a regular part of their own work. They get their own locker and start changing into PE clothes for gym class. They can join competitive teams and the school musical. By giving them a wider range of opportunities to make their own choices, we help them grow as individuals.  

In some ways, this year is a transition year. In Grade 4, we use the supportive and safe approach of the primary years, but with a strong focus on getting our students ready for the increased responsibility and independence of grade 5. 

Homeform Teachers

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  • Photo of Karrie Holyck

    Karrie Holyck 

    Grade 4 Homeform Teacher
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    Leslie Hood 

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