Intermediate Division: Grades 7 & 8

Grade 8

Setting the stage for success in high school and beyond.

By the time our students start Grade 8, we know that they are already well prepared to have an amazing and successful high school experience. So we spend their last year at the KCS Junior School taking their learning, independence, and leadership to the next level.

Academically, we go above and beyond to make sure that every student in Grade 8 has a rock-solid foundation in all subject areas. We want our students to make the most of every academic opportunity in high school, so we treat them as if they’re already there. To encourage them to take true control over their learning, our teachers become more like coaches or mentors, working alongside their self-directed and self-motivated students.

We also treat them like independent and capable young people. We provide them with increased privileges and responsibilities. We teach them advanced organizational skills. And we help them use their growing maturity as a tool for self-regulation.

Finally, we let them become genuine leaders in the school. Grade 8 students are house captains, tour guides, and school ambassadors. They lead assemblies, they spearhead spirit events, and they help teachers organize and run clubs for primary students.

So when June rolls around, our hearts burst with pride as we watch our smart, responsible, kind, artistic, athletic, and all-round amazing young graduates head out into a bigger world. And while we may not always be ready to say goodbye to our Junior School students, we take comfort in knowing that they are more than ready. And that’s when we know we’ve done our job right.

Homeform Teachers

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  • Photo of Lorna Hooper

    Lorna Hooper 

    Grade 8 Homeform Teacher, Intermediate Lead Teacher
  • Photo of David Kim

    David Kim 

    Grade 8 Homeform Teacher
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