Taking learning above and beyond

The core curriculum of all classes at KCS begins with the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum.  And at KCS, we are committed to offering more.

We offer more depth, by challenging learners to venture further, deeper and more elaborately into topics and subjects.

We offer more breadth, by asking students to make connections between, within, and across subjects and to make connections to the real world.

We offer more novelty, by encouraging students to build meaning in an individualized way. This can mean anything from personalized projects to field trips to visits from authors and experts.

We offer more acceleration, by increasing the speed of learning, introducing more advanced content, developing skills to a higher level and providing more sophisticated resources.

We offer more integration, by combining the point of view, skills and content from different subjects, an approach that helps students gain a richer and more complex view of what they are studying.

In addition to all of this, KCS teachers also gradually accelerate the Ministry curriculum to help our graduates make a very successful transition to high school. Because they have already started learning grade 9 and 10 content and skills in math, language, history, French, science and technology, our students are able to adjust to high school with ease. 

Some examples of enrichment at KCS include:

  • Passion Projects
  • Project Based Learning
  • Annual math league contest
  • Remembrance Day service led by the Grade 8s
  • Accelerated French program
  • Service learning
  • Accelerated technology program
  • Outdoor education
  • Guest speakers and field trips
  • Robotics 
  • Electives for students in Grades 6 – 8
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