Passion-Driven Learning at KCS

At KCS, we want our students to be lifelong learners. That means we have to help them discover the joy of learning for the love of it.

Electives are an amazing way to help them make that discovery.  Every spring we offer our grade 6, 7 and 8 students a range of elective courses to choose from. For ten weeks, our Intermediate students spend two hours each week immersed in a subject that sparks their curiosity and engages their passion for learning something new.

Previous offerings have included such diverse subjects as Computer Coding, Cooking for a Cause, Hip Hop Dance, Cricket, building Wearable Technology with MakerKids, Inventors' Workshop, Robotics, Battlefield History with a March Break trip to Europe to visit historic sites, Pottery and Sculpture, building the KCS Sound Library, and Yoga and Mindfulness.

Through these electives, students have the opportunity to work closely with peers from other classes, learn new skills, gain independence, and best of all, experience a safe adventure that sets them on a course for lifelong learning.

KCS Electives

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  • Cooking for a Cause (Culinary Arts)

    The aim of the program is to teach students about local foods, menu planning and good nutrition. It will also provide them with the skills needed to prepare a healthy meal independently. Students will also work to provide a shelter with fresh-made quality meals. This elective takes place at Cirillo’s Cooking Academy.
  • Computer Coding At KCS

    Students start learning how to code, using Visual Basic language. Instruction is delivered by an instructor from Real Programming for Kids. Students create interactive animations and their own video games.
  • KCS Sound Library Project

    Students contribute to the KCS Sound Library by composing a variety of music soundtracks that can be used in multimedia projects created by their peers. This library is available for KCS students, staff and faculty to not only borrow from but also contribute to, so their compositions can be used by others in perpetuity.
  • Rock Out Bullying

    Have you ever wondered how musicians collaborate to create music? Are you a budding rock star? In this super creative elective students learn the fundamentals of playing traditional rock instruments, compose and then perform an anti-bullying song. Embrace your inner rocker, promote KCS citizenship, and join us as we Rock Out Bullying!
  • Salsa Dancing

    Salsa is a great introduction to dance, culture, and teamwork. Expert dance instructors lead classes in this exhilarating style.
  • Pinterest Arts and Crafts

    As a group, students work on crafts chosen from Pinterest that are then added to our KCS Elective Pinterest Board. Upon completion of these crafts, the art room becomes an open workshop. Students are encouraged to create their own craft during this time. All student crafts will be posted to our KCS board. 
  • Ukulele Part 2

    Did you love playing uke in grade 4? Did you come to KCS after grade 4 and want the chance to learn this fun little instrument? Here’s your chance to expand your ukulele playing, or learn to play for the first time! You'll learn new chords, songs and strumming techniques, and put together a song to play for the school.  
  • 3D Printing with Makerkids

    Makerkids leads this elective in 3D design and printing. Members of this elective will design innovative creations with KCS's own 3D printer and help support efforts to get other students engaged in this new technology. 
  • Paddle Tennis

    In partnership with Kingsway Platform Tennis Club, students will play this new racket sport. It’s a cross between tennis and squash with a flavor of playing table tennis. This sport was designed for cold, wintry weather but its popularity extended it into the other seasons as well. The court is 1/3 the size of a tennis court and features high aerobic energy output and skill level.
  • Go Ahead

    Do you wish you could control how and what you learn at school? Do you have big ideas, and wish you had the time, tools and support to pursue them? Is there something you’d love to build/create/invent/compose/investigate that you can’t do at home or school (yet)? In this elective, you can go ahead. Involved faculty will support, encourage, and look for experts/resources/tools/trips to help. Go ahead, surprise us, and yourself!


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