Early Learning Program

Junior Kindergarten

Laying the foundation for lifelong learning.

Junior Kindergarten is all about learning how to be a learner. Over the course of the year, JK students grow and develop in countless ways. They become more independent and sure of themselves. They discover the joy of exploring new ideas. And they learn that school is an amazing place where they get to learn some pretty cool stuff!

Our JK team loves helping students learn to harness and guide their innate passion and natural excitement. Kids at this age are ready to dive into the wonderful world of learning and start experiencing everything that school has to offer – from math to art to science to language to the new friendships that will be with them through childhood and beyond.

JK is a huge year full of many firsts for students and parents, but our nurturing and experienced teachers are always there to help families navigate the exciting new world of “big kid” school. Your child’s educational journey is just beginning. Together, we’ll help them build the best foundation possible. 

Homeform Teachers

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  • Photo of Gregory Charlton

    Gregory Charlton 

    Teacher, Early Learning Program
  • Photo of Sharon Freeman

    Sharon Freeman 

    Teacher, Early Learning Program
  • Photo of Isabel Garcia

    Isabel Garcia 

    Teacher, Early Learning Program
  • Photo of Lise Russo

    Lise Russo 

    Teacher, Early Learning Program and Early Learning Program Lead

KCS Junior Kindergarten Students Create a Movie Inspired by "Not a Stick" by Antoinette Portis

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