Differentiated Learning

Unique learners deserve unique teaching

At KCS, we base everything we do in the knowledge that all children are unique individuals. They all learn in different ways and have diverse abilities. However, they’re the same in one important way – they all deserve an education that allows them to grow into their best possible selves.

It starts with getting to know every child in a real and meaningful way. We learn who they are as a person – their strengths, their fears, their hopes, and their areas for growth.  

Our supportive team of teachers then work together in a collaborative manner to develop and deliver a program that meets the unique needs of our individual students. We provide them with a range of different learning activities and experiences that speak to different levels and different academic backgrounds.

Education isn’t one size fits all. We make sure each child gets the education they deserve. 

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  • Learning Strategies

    Learning Strategies is a department of KCS designed to support students and teachers in delivering an optimal program for students with exceptional needs.

    Learning Strategies Teachers (LS Teachers) play a vital role in helping KCS meet the needs of students who have learning profiles that require accommodations and/or modifications. These students may be gifted, have a learning disability, or they may have a need for additional support. In these cases, the LS Teachers create an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) which outlines the learning goals and strategies that will be in place for that child. LS teachers also work closely with the teachers in their division to help support them in developing their classroom program so that it is optimal for all students.

    An IEP is a working document that outlines the strengths, needs and plan for a student who has one or more exceptionalities. It is developed under the leadership of a LS teacher, who refers to relevant documentation (previous report cards, external assessments, anecdotal observations, and curriculum documents for example) and collects relevant insight from the student’s parents and teachers.
    Accommodations are adjustments made to a student’s learning experience that help that child be as successful as possible. Preferential seating, extended time on tests and reduced number of questions are examples of accommodations. Students who only have accommodations work on the same grade-level curriculum as their classmates. Accommodations are determined based on the individual student’s needs.

    Modifications are changes to the curricular program. A student with a modified program is working on different skills that may be from a higher or lower grade than their peers, depending on their exceptionality. For example, a student who is gifted in math may have a modified program where they work on math from higher grades.
  • Super Skills and Workshops

    Our Super Skills and Workshop classes provide small-group instructions to meet students with learning opportunities at the appropriate level of challenge. Project-based learning and school-wide student leadership and service learning allow for open-ended opportunities for growth in critical skills and knowledge. Resources and contests for gifted math students, plus the ability to accelerate students in math, are further ways we challenge these students. Electives, a rich extracurricular program, and other student-directed learning opportunities such as a book-publishing program add to the possibilities.
  • Flexible Pacing

    While the general pace of the program is steady, adjustments are made as needed for individual students. In addition, our Super Skills and Workshop program, from grades 1-8, offers small-group dedicated instruction in reading and math.
  • Special Needs Support

    With our commitment to differentiated instruction, faculty actively get to know each student and work with colleagues to develop a program that supports strengths and addresses challenges. KCS has four Learning Strategies faculty who work with teachers and students with exceptional needs. Our Super Skills and Workshop classes in grades 1-8 allow for targeted instruction, whether for advanced learners or those requiring remediation. Partnership with parents as well as extensive resources and best practices within the classroom, including an FM system in every room, allow faculty to meet the needs of all KCS students.

Andrea Fanjoy, Head of Senior School

Optimal teaching should be deeply rooted in each student. Faculty work together with a “whatever it takes” mindset to determine whose needs aren’t being fully met, and then figure out what must be done to meet those needs. It applies as much for gifted and average students as it does for students who need extra support.
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