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Parent Network

All KCS parents are members of the Parent Network.

Kingsway College School parents have many avenues to participate in the life of the school. The Parent Network is a vital part of this but it is also what you, the parents, make of it. The Parent Network focuses its efforts on community building and volunteer development. The Network is run by volunteers who play a crucial role in the life of the school through various portfolios, listed below.

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  • 2017-18 Parent Network Executive

    Co-Chairs: Kit Fraser & Tracy Russell

    Core Services: Melanie Alexson-Chernyak
    Social/Community: Anouchka Freybe
    Student Experience/Four Doors: Alison Bell
    New Families: Jenn McLaughlin
    Volunteerism: Priyanka Gupta
    Communications, Class Parents & Strategic Project Development: Christine Kittel & Jenn Butters
    Parent Network Consultants: Jenn Butters, Sarah Renaud & Sanyo Lue-Kim

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