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About Us

students in front of Senior School

Welcome to KCS

When students arrive at KCS, whether they start in Junior Kindergarten or join Senior School in Grade 9, they begin to see the world around them differently.

Boundaries disappear and horizons widen. While each student’s experience is unique, one thing remains constant. Their time as KCS will help them to think bigger, dream larger, and expand their own individual ‘possible’ into something more than when they arrived. 

In the KCS Junior School (K-Gr.8) we provide our students with rich and diverse experiences that open up their horizons in ways they could never have imagined. We have built our Junior School culture around our Four Doors to Learning; the KCS Habits of Mind, Body and Action; and Three School Rules. In the KCS Senior School, students grow as Leaders in Learning with integrity, insight, and ingenuity.

These traits are woven into every course and co-curricular. Building on the solid foundation from the Junior School, the Senior School has been designed to support optimal learning by engaging students through experiential learning, KCS by Design and the KCS Path program.

Across all KCS grades, well-being is integral to daily interactions with students and their education. KCS is proactive and intentional in helping students develop social-emotional skills, understanding, and empathy for others. 

KCS Junior School students on the play structure

The academic program is appropriately tailored to each child and his or her unique abilities. The "Four Doors to Learning" at KCS of academics, arts, athletics and citizenship is a key reason that our children are developing into well-rounded young people. Our children absolutely adore their teachers and are thriving academically and socially at KCS. If we were to design our ideal school, it would be KCS.

KCS Parents, Class of 2022 & Class of 2025

We invite you to come and visit. Experience the difference that a KCS education provides and expand what is possible for your child. 

Our Land Acknowledgment

We are the students of Kingsway College School. We care about the land, water, and animals. We show it by: picking up our garbage, planting new trees, and only using what we need. 

We live in Treaty 13, an agreement between Indigenous Nations and Canada that was misunderstood because they spoke different languages. The Anishinaabe and the Haudenosaunee call this area home. They are made up of many unique nations. 

They loved and respected their land but the government took it away. We are all part of the Dish with one Spoon territory, that teaches us to share, and be responsible for taking care of the land. 

We will care for each other, the plants, the animals, the water, and the land. Will you help us take care of it?