Our Arts Program

KCS brings art to life. Students learn to express themselves creatively through visual arts, drama, vocal and instrumental music.

Nothing enriches a life quite like the arts. There is a unique joy that comes from hearing a beautiful piece of music or brushing paint onto a canvas. 

However, the benefits of arts education extend way beyond the simple – but sublime – enjoyment of visual art, music and drama. It improves academic performance. It develops reading skills. It heightens critical thinking, verbal communication and cultural awareness. In short, it makes a child a better student and a better citizen.

Throughout their years here, KCS students are encouraged to take risks and find their voice through artistic expression. To lay a strong foundation, all students from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8 take music and visual arts classes, to learn and develop fundamental artistic and creative skills.

From there, the opportunities to grow and shine are endless – from the school musical and annual art exhibition, to French plays, dance competitions and song writing and composition. Through four distinct disciplines – visual art, music, drama and media arts – the arts are integrated into every aspect of the KCS experience.

At a time when funding for the arts is being cut in school boards across North America, we’ve decided to go in the opposite direction. We value art and creativity, because we want every KCS student to develop a lifelong love and appreciation for art and creativity. 

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  • Bands, Choirs and Arts Clubs

    Students in KCS have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of art-based clubs throughout the school year, including a range of bands, choirs, and visual arts clubs. 
  • Parent Involvement

    The enthusiastic participation of our students is due, in part, to the fact that KCS families are such keen supporters of the Arts. Whether it’s volunteering to hang art, sew costumes or applauding our young artists at concerts, assemblies and open houses, the KCS community is always present. We are very grateful to the parents for their generosity and assistance with events such as the Spring Art Exhibition, CISMF, the annual musical and Wake Up With the Arts.
  • The Opportunity to Perform

    Our bands and choirs provide many opportunities to perform for audiences both inside and outside the school.  At assemblies, the KCS Christmas Concert, Wake Up With the Arts and our annual Spring Showcase Concert, students perform for the KCS community as well as perform for larger audiences by singing the national anthem at Toronto Blue Jays games and participating in CISMF at Roy Thomson Hall.   
  • Wake Up With the ARTs

    Each month, KCS students, staff, families  and friends gather in the lobby before school to see an exhibit of student artwork on the gallery walls while they listen to student musicians play instruments, dance or sing. Last year, Wake Up With the Arts events featured more than 200 student performers from Kindergarten to Grade 8.   Not only were these performances initiated by the students, many of them also featured original music and choreography that had been composed by the students themselves.  Wake up With the Arts provides students performance opportunities that are less structured than formal concerts and assemblies.

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KCS Parent, Class of 2021 & Class of 2024

My children have grown academically, emotionally and artistically at KCS. I love their programs such as "Wake Up With the ARTs", it allows my child to express his artistic side with support and enthusiasm.

KCS Parents, Class of 2015, Class of 2016 & Class of 2018

“… I truly thank you for all you have done as a team of KCS staff to enrich and nourish this inner spirit of [our daughter]. I was pretty emotional this morning at the concert... As I looked around to see all the teachers engaging with students and supporting I heard the outstanding quality of music and saw the tremendous creations of the grade 8 art program...I could only think of one thing...This is a special place indeed...and how very blessed we are as a family to have been embraced by it. Thanks so much for all that you do to make KCS such an amazing and fulfilling environment for our kids.”
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