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Our Curriculum

Celebrating 34 years of developing lifelong learners.

The KCS curriculum is carefully designed to prepare, inspire, and challenge each of our students every day. We know our students are unique individuals, so we’ve built a curriculum that reflects their unique individual needs.

Core skills are taught through direct instruction, often in small groups. Ample time is also dedicated to developing the KCS Habits of Mind, Body and Action through project-based learning, school-wide student leadership, hands-on creation, field trips, student-initiated learning, and much more.

We want our students to become lifelong learners who will embrace new experiences in every aspect of their lives. And thanks to our carefully constructed curriculum, that’s exactly what happens. KCS students go on to become leaders, trailblazers, and compassionate citizens who are dedicated to making a difference in their communities.

Of course, they also find great academic success in their high schools, universities, and careers, as we take pride in knowing that the best road map to an engaged and fulfilling life starts with a strong and vibrant curriculum. 

KCS Parents, Class of 2022 & Class of 2025

The academic program is appropriately tailored to each child and his or her unique abilities. The "Four Doors to Learning" at KCS of academics, arts, athletics and citizenship is a key reason that our children are developing into well-rounded young people. Our children absolutely adore their teachers and are thriving academically and socially at KCS. If we were to design our ideal school, it would be KCS.
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