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Habits of Mind, Body and Action

KCS is a community of lifelong learners, devoted to establishing the habits of lifelong learning in our students.

These habits are built from one moment to the next. They are built when you greet a friend in the hall with respect. They are built when you take a responsible risk and try a new club or team. They are built when you ask a probing question over dinner. They are built slowly, carefully, and continuously.  

Habits of Mind™ is a trademarked concept that articulates much of the curricular focus at KCS. These habits are designed to foster and develop 15 different intelligent behaviours that have been identified as top priorities among leading educators around the world.

But a healthy life of significance requires more than just thinking. So KCS went further and added Habits of Body and Habits of Action. These habits help our students develop healthy lifestyles, positive self-esteem, and strong social skills.

A habit is something you do again and again until it becomes automatic. So we make sure everyone at KCS – from the Head of School right down to the littlest JK student – practices our Habits of Mind, Body and Action.

Every day. Again and again. Until they don’t even have to think about it. And it just becomes a part of who they are. 

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  • KCS Habits of Mind

    Embrace learning

    Question and be curious


    Show self-control

    Listen to understand

    Think creatively

    Think flexibly

    Respond with awe and appreciation

    Think about your thinking

    Take responsible risks

    Strive for accuracy

    Find humour

    Be resilient

    Seek collaboration

    Use past learning
  • KCS Habits of Body

    Be active

  • KCS Habits of Action

    Respect, manners and try your best

    Do what is right

    Act with empathy

    Share what you know

    Communicate clearly

    Apply the Super Seven Learning Skills

    Lead to make a difference


    Make the world better
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