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Expand Possible.

Kingsway College School

Kingsway College School

When students arrive at KCS, they begin to see the world around them differently. Boundaries disappear and horizons widen. While each student’s experience is unique, one thing remains constant. Their time at KCS will help them to think bigger, dream larger, and expand their own individual ‘possible’ into something more than when they first arrived.

About KCS

Grade 9 - 12

Senior School

What’s Happening at KCS

Grandparents and Special Friends Day 2023
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There's no better way to Wake Up
Unforgettable CISMF Concert
Author Visit with Andrew Larson
Recognizing Our Community
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Wake Up with the Arts encourages us all to create, share what we know, take a responsible risk, respond with awe and appreciation, and show the three school rules of respect, manners, and try your best. We are so grateful for the students, teachers, and parents that continue to make this event a positive community experience and a wonderful display of our students' talents, skills, persistence, and passion.

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Kingsway College School

Where students are able to think bigger, dream larger, and expand possible.