Leadership at KCS

Grade 6, 7, and 8 students at KCS participate in leadership classes. They use their talents and gifts to make positive change in their community. Students in all grades have the opportunity to initiate, plan, and execute leadership projects at any time. At KCS, we know that leadership means making the world better for all. Take a look at some of the many student leadership projects that we’re working on right now and keep checking back throughout the school year!

Warm Clothing Drive
Daniel N. and Sean (grade 7) are hoping to help by collecting warm clothes for donation to a school in London, Ontario, along with Leah, Luc, Kiana, Elise (grade 6) and Patrick and Brendan (grade 8).

Lights Out Tuesday
Halle, Ella, Julia and Chris (grade 6) will be encouraging our community to conserve electricity.

Senior’s Residence Visit
Marinah, Adelle, and Mackenzie M. (grade 6) will be carolling at a Senior’s residence and making Christmas cookies.

Save That Species
Ellie, Daniel, Gwen, Maddie, and Andrew K. in grade 7 are working on Save That Species. It is a regular presentation in assembly about endangered species.

Operation Christmas Child
Robbie, Megan, Kira, Andrew A., Julia, Amelia C., and Devynn are working on promoting gift boxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Sign Language Presentation
Kalli, Tanya, and Claudia in grade 7 are going to ?perform a sign language song and presentation in assembly in order to dispell any stereotypes about people who are deaf.

WWO Presentation
Andrew M. and Andrew D. are working on a speech presentation to help raise awareness of how to help orphans.

Joke of the Week
Dylan and Will in grade 7 are going to bring humour to assembly by telling jokes to the audience. ?

Animals in War
Kesha will be creating a series of posters to raise awareness of the effects of war on animals. ?

Recess Games Helpers
Colton, Ian, and Amelia N. are going to help lead a recess games club to raise awareness of the importance of health and fitness.

Free Hugs and High Fives
Reid, Andrew W., Melena, Summer, and Andrew D. are giving out free hugs and high fives in the lobby every Friday morning before school.

Anti- bullying Awareness
Billy, Jesscia, Sierra, Sydney, and Kathryn in grade 7 are working on making a movie about anti-bullying.

Student Basketball Game
Scott and Marcus (grade 7) are planning a basketball game for students who wish to practice skills.

Walk to School Wednesday
Monty (grade 7) and Hayden (grade 6) will be promoting Walk to School Wednesday at KCS, when our community is encouraged to walk, bike, carpool or take the TTC to school.

Minute To Win It
Cameron, Will, and Roger will be organizing a Minute to Win It contest for students.

Video Adventures
Hudson, Kieran, and Andrew D. in grade 7 are planning to make and post videos of their biking and skateboarding adventures. They will then donate money for each time it is viewed and liked online. ?

Alzheimer’s Awareness
Melena and Kevin in grade 7 are going to raise awareness about Alzeimer's disease.

Pink Shirt Day
Kalin, Mackenzie, Hailey, Jessica, and Ela (grade 8) are planning a pink shirt day to raise awareness against bullying. ?

Gift Basket Volunteers
Soheila and Kayla (grade 8) are going to be informing our community about a local project where volunteers assemble gift baskets for local women's shelters for Christmas.?