Our Community

Parent Network

Kingsway College School parents have many avenues to participation in the life of the school. The Parent Network is a vital part of this…but it is also what you, the parents, make of it. The Parent Network focuses its efforts on community building and volunteer development. The Network is run by volunteers who play a crucial role in the life of the school through various portfolios, listed below.


Co-Chairs: Jenn Butters, Sarah Renaud
Secretary: Heather Comba
Communications: Carolyn Koziskie

Core Services: Tina Green
  School Store - Tina Green
  Milk - Ramona Dico
  Special Lunches - Kim Brooks, Alix Sharman
  Special Sales - Renata Zychla
  Decor - Leila MacDonald
  Holiday Event - Kate Wallace

Volunteer Operations: Natalie Pusateri
  Grade Parents - Natalie Pusateri

Volunteer Development: Susan Mazan
  Volunteer Recruitment - Susan Mazan
  Volunteer Training - Susan Mazan
  Volunteer Recognition - Natasha Hughes Germain

Social/Community: Sanyo Lue-Kim
  Welcome Back BBQ - Karen Hales, Hao Nguyen
  Year-end School Event - Kathleen Flynn
  Speaker Series: Encouraging Dialogue - Christina Semler
  KCS Has Talent - Dinah Farah
  Staff Appreciation - Christine Kittel

  Bingo - Vanessa von Eicken
  Grandparents' Day - Elena Poulos, Samantha Dugas

New Families: Dinah Farah
  Open Houses - Kit Fraser
  Assessments - Anoushka Freybe
  Host Families - Jenn McLaughlin

Four Doors: Tracy Russell
  Grandbuddies: Leesa Daymond
  Terry Fox / Ooch: Andrea Pearson
  Musical: Deb Lamb 
  Athletics: Wilma Ammendolia, Sean Marsland, Anne De Aragon 
  Birthday Book: Jill Whelan
  Battery Box: Ruthann Symons
  Speakers Series (4 student assemblies): Alison Bell