At Kingsway College School, students from PK to grade 8 learn the habits that matter most for success in life. Our difference is in the design: academic, artistic, athletic, and citizenship skills are taught in innovative ways for 21st century learning. Habits such as persistence, resiliency, making a difference, and leadership capabilities make up the foundation of a KCS education.

By deciding to raise your child as a lifelong learner, you’re already part of the KCS community.

We invite you to visit our school and experience what we have to offer. The moment you walk through our doors, you’ll see the difference a KCS education makes.
It is said that learning is an end in itself. That may be. Our belief is that learning is inextricably a part of life. Strangely, this belief makes us different from other schools. Our faith in this idea makes Kingsway College School a place of joy, respect, fulfillment and... superior individual development.

The children who graduate from Kingsway College School leave knowing what matters in life. They know how to lead with vision and humility. Though they may go on to excel in specialized areas, they have the advantage of beginning as generalists. They have avid appetites for life’s experiences. And, they have the surety to dive into their future comfortable in themselves and their abilities. Our children (your children!) are ethical, responsible, concerned. They are exceptionally sound of mind, body and spirit.

Throughout this website we would like to tell you about the underlying principles and practices of Kingsway College School that make this possible.

Before we go on, please allow us a moment of pride. One hundred percent of KCS students graduate with more than sufficient academic standing to go on to the schools of their hearts’ desire.