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What's new at KCS

  • KCS Students vs Teachers Basketball Game for Spread the Net
  • April Open House

    We invite you to visit our school during our Open House on Tuesday April 14th, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. and experience what we have to offer. 

    The moment you walk through our doors, you'll see the difference a KCS education makes. 

    How to get to KCS
  • KCS students learn and play in an award winning outdoor classroom
    Congratulations to Bienenstock Natural Playgrounds for winning a Landscape Ontario Award in the Special Interest Construction category for our amazing outdoor classroom. The space was a winner in our books from day one!
  • The Reason For The Season
    This year the KCS Parent Network kicked off the holiday season by reminding the KCS community the true reason for the season. This new initiative in support of four George Hull Centre families in need asked all KCS students to donate $10 from their own allowance money and represent that donation by creating a snowflake. The KCS Parent Network used the returned snowflakes and worked tirelessly to create a winter wonderland surprise for the students on the morning of November 25th. Christmas trees greeted all as they entered the building, personalized snowflakes dripped from the ceiling and festive music played in the background. But the most important work was being done at the wrapping table by members of the Parent Network. Gifts for each of these four families in need were being wrapped and placed in one of four Christmas Hampers that will be packed full of items for each family. Thank you to the entire KCS community for your support. Together we can make a difference.

    Watch the reveal:

    Collecting donations and snowflakes:

  • A Magical, Natural Outdoor Classroom
    Bienenstock Playgrounds have designed and built over 800 play spaces around the world, including KCS’s brand new Outdoor Classroom. Bienenstock is unique in its playground design as natural landscape and components are at the forefront of all their projects. The team at Bienenstock Playgrounds includes 20 full time employees, an early childhood educator, a landscape architect, a computer engineer, a kinesiologist and even a philosopher!

    Natural playgrounds are more engaging than the traditional park. Instead of the steel climbers and spring loaded teeter-totters that you might see at your neighbourhood park, our new Bienenstock Outdoor Classroom features slides built into the grass covered hillside, sturdy chairs carved from logs and a mini amphitheatre for enhanced outdoor learning.

    Our Outdoor Classroom can accommodate two classes at the same time, depending on the type of activities planned. There are two closed cupboards in the lower section and one open cupboard in the upper section bursting with sand toys, bubbles, chalk, balls, magnifying glasses, water colours and paint brushes for the students. There are also several bins reflecting drama, art, science and gross motor skills filled to the brim with activities to support learning in the various subjects.

    All recesses for our youngest students take place in our Outdoor Classroom. Priority is given to the grade 3 students and younger, however, the Outdoor Classroom is widely used by all, with the older grades filling in gaps.

    According to a recent Globe and Mail article featuring Bienenstock, "Venture: Why getting kids outside is no walk in the bark", there has been tremendous research supporting the notion that kids who spend more time in nature are less aggressive and more co-operative, score higher on tests, get along better with their peers and are happier overall than children who spend the majority of their time indoors.

    We are extremely happy with our new Outdoor Classroom and look forward to using it throughout the year for many activities. 
  • Ready, Set, Apply Online!
    Admissions at KCS is pleased to announce that prospective families can now complete the Application for Admission online. The application is user friendly and provides step-by-step instructions which makes the process simple and stress-free! To begin, please fill out and submit an Online Inquiry Form. You will then be sent a username and password that will give you access to the online application form. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Registrar, AnnaMaria Esposito at 416-234-5073 x211 or
  • Leveraging Technology to Support Learning at KCS
    Emerging technologies are constantly knocking at our doors. At KCS, we strive to keep informed about these technologies, and constantly reflect on how they may enhance learning at KCS.

    Tablet technology arrived approximately four years ago and within the past couple years many educators around the world have chosen iPad technology to assist them in effectively delivering curriculum. This led to the pilot of tablet technology at KCS during the 2012-13 school year at the primary level and in the Learning Centre. The pilot was launched to determine what educational value this particular device could provide to KCS students. A variety of teachers and students participated and we held numerous discussions with other schools that are currently using tablet technology.

    Both the teachers and students found that the touch screen, light weight and mobility of these tablets provided simple, intuitive, flexible access to technology. They also gravitated towards the interactive features of the educational apps that provided auditory, kinesthetic as well as visual learning strategies. The iPad proved to be a very effective tool in differentiating instruction, time in which teachers structure learning environments to address the variety of learning styles, interests, and abilities found within a classroom. The students who used the iPad found it to be an effective, engaging tool that helped them learn and accomplish more in class than would otherwise be possible. For example, one student dictated his essay to Siri, which translated the speech to text. He then edited this first draft of his essay and met with his teacher to review, revise and produce a second draft. This feature of the iPad can assist students in the initial steps of the writing process and allows teachers to focus on the many stages of editing. In another example, a student used the iPad to improve her French language skills. She followed interactive exercises that her teacher set out for her to do. Upon completion, she would conference with her teacher to review the exercises and set goals for the next session. In a final example, a student was introduced to the proper techniques of writing the letters of the alphabet. Visual and verbal cues on the iPad assisted him as he practised forming the various letters. Having this assistive technology supported the teacher in delivering this lesson and allowed her to touch base with him periodically throughout the class to monitor progress.

    As a result of this pilot, we decided to introduce a number of iPads on a more permanent basis during this school year, with additional iPads coming to grades 1 and 2 classrooms in September 2014.

    As of this fall the Learning Centre has incorporated iPads for use with some students throughout the various grade levels. Students in the Learning Centre use Siri, the Notes app and the Dragon app in order to support the development of their writing skills. As well, the Teach Me app has been used with much success in supporting the language program for some students in our primary grades. This app allows teachers to choose specific language exercises for students based upon need and tracks the student’s progress and results. The teachers use this data to determine the best teaching and learning strategies to help students.

    iPads have also been introduced in the junior and senior kindergarten classes this month. Teachers are now able to have their students use various applications that allow their students to read online books, have books read to them, record their reading, practise specific phonics, develop fine-motor skills, take photos, add narration, create diagrams, draw, etc. The child-friendly nature of iPads makes them an ideal way to leverage this assistive technology with young students. Teachers plan the use of specific applications so that they integrate with the